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Fragrance Guide

świece sojowe, świece zapachowe, vintage

Fragrances that I use for manufacturing my candles are the best quality scented oils from south of France. For some candles I also use natural essential oils.


They all are 100% vegan and not tested on animals.

While I choose the fragrance for each vessel I always want to choose the one that will underline its personality. 


essential oil


Our Bergamot is a memory of grandma's garden and a journey back to childhood . I recommend this fragrance for a relaxing evening with a book .


Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon Peel

Heart Notes: Ylang Ylang, neroli

Base notes: cedar, sandalwood, citrus musk


Intensity : 3/4

świece sojowe, świece zapachowe, vintage, puzderko, na prezent
świece sojowe .jpg


fragrance oil


The lilac flowers scent is pure joy.


Remember that feeling when the first warm day comes after a long winter and the days start getting longer? This is what our lilac smells like. Like a freshly cut twig that you put in your favorite vase.  


Top notes: anise seeds, anise

Heart Notes: White Lilac Flower, Rose Petals

Base notes: powdery musk, cloves


Intensity : 4/4


fragrance oil

The composition of cedar and saffron is mostly sweet, but it has its herbal claw. It cheers you up, but doesn't make you lazy. Its scent feels like a warm, safe place, and baking a cake together.


Top Notes: Bergamot, Balsamic Notes

Heart notes: iris petals, white velvet, creamy wood, saffron

Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood, musk, cedarwood


Intensity: 3/4

świece sojowe, świece zapachowe, vintage


essential oil

Warsztaty z zalewania świec w Krakowie - idealna aktywność na team building.

Cinnamon candles are our flagship comfort candles. They have one primary job to do: cheer you up.


If we take into account how filling and satisfing their scent is, it can actually be considered dietary candles. I recommend them when you feehomesick and when nobody understands you.


Top notes: lemon peel, clove leaf

Heart notes: cinnamon bark, grated nutmeg

Base notes: Bing cherry, sugar vanilla

Intensity : 4/4


fragrance oil


The smell of figs is summer, a warm afternoon after swimming in the sea, aperitivo snacks before going out in the evening. It's hard to say whether a fig smells better, tastes better or looks better . But we love her for all three of them.


Top Notes: Bergamot, Angelica Leaf, Juniper

Heart Notes: Ficus Leaf, Olive Blossom, Sage

Base notes: oakmoss, white cedar, musk


Intensity: ¾

świece sojowe, świece zapachowe, vintage


fragrance oil


The fruity aroma is slightly broken with a fresh cucumber accent . The whole thing smells like a full spring and a carefree summer at the lake . I recommend it for a longing for vacation and sun.


Top Notes: Lemon, Cucumber Water

Heart notes: cucumber, lemongrass

Base notes: Melon peel


Intensity: 4/4


fragrance oil


The slightly oriental scent of patchouli is deep and delicate at the same time. We love it for its embalming and soothing effect on our well-being . We recommend it for a quiet evening with Netflix.


Top notes: white pepper, fragrant fragrance

Heart Notes: Coriander, Fenugreek, Star Anise

Base notes: white patchouli, patchouli leaves, musk, leather, cardamom


Intensity:  3/4

świece sojowe.jpg


fragrance oil


The intensity of the scent rising from the blades of grass, which are massively shortened during mowing, is mixed with the flowers growing next to the lawn:  violets and cyclamen . This composition, seasoned with orange peel, is a wonderful reminder of a soothing one  warm summer afternoon .  


Top Notes: Orange Peel, Cyclamen

Heart notes: violet leaves, blades of grass

Base notes: hay, sweet grass


Intensity: 3/4

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