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warsztaty z zalewania świec, kraków, rękodzieło
warsztaty z zalewania świec, kraków, rękodzieło

Get ready for an evening full of alchemy and fragrances .  


I have prepared a Candlemaker Starter Pack for you. You will find all the elements needed to pour the candle twice  Stefan a classic  in the comfort of your own kitchen.  


A link to a video with instructions will be waiting in your e-mail. Available for ever.


Believe me, creating your own candle from scratch is a wild satisfaction .  


All you need to do is remember a few of the most important spells that I give in the video-instruction.


The rest is pure magic .  


What's in the kit?


  • One piece  "Stefan" vessels.  It is a porcelain ramek produced in the now defunct Zakłady Porcelitu Stolowego "Pruszków" (1970s).


  • Two packets of natural soy wax (110 g). Each of them is enough for a single flooding of the "Stefan" candle. (You can also fill them with any of your own 120 ml cup and not more than 80 mm in diameter.)

  •   2 unbleached eco cotton wicks


  •   2 selected bottles of fragrance oil (10 ml). Each of them is enough for a single pouring of the vessel


  •   Double-sided adhesive tape to attach the wicks to the cup

  • Optional: kitchen thermometer

  • Additionally: link to the recording of a video with instructions for making a candle based on the semi-finished products from the set


The set is designed to flood the attached cup twice .


What specific information will you find  recording?


  • how to attach a wick to a vessel

  • how to safely melt the wax

  • at what temperature should I add fragrance oils to make the candle smell more intense?

  • how to prevent bubbles on the wax surface

  • how to mix oils with wax so as not to waste a drop


The finished candle will burn (and smell) for 24 hours.


Accessories that will be necessary to fill the candle, which are not included in the Starter Pack:


  • a pot to melt the wax

  • a larger pot or pan to prepare a water bath

  • scissors

  • to prepare the candle you will also need a kitchen thermometer, optionally available in the set.

So, are you ready for magic in your own kitchen?

warsztaty z zalewania świec, kraków, rękodzieło
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